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To understand is to change, and to go beyond oneself.
				--Jean-Paul Sartre
UUCG Activities

Sunday Worship begins at 10:30 am. Child care is provided during the service in the Nursery for infants and toddlers. Young children generally stay in the service through “story time” and then go to Youth Religious Education (the UU version of "Sunday School"). Services generally last 1 hour. Services are most often led by our minister, the Rev. Rod Debs. Once a month the service may be led by one of our members or an invited guest speaker. Check our worship calendar, The Beacon (our newsletter), or our weekly NUUS email announcements for details about upcoming services.

Coffee Hour begins after the service. It generally doesn't last a whole hour, but it can, depending on how much you like to socialize and meet people.

Sunday Lunch - Coffee Hour not enough? We have TWO lunch groups that routinely gather after service and anyone is welcome to join.

    The Original Lunch Group generally meets at the same location each week. Most recently, this has been at Cafe Duo on Red Banks Rd. The restaurant is kept the same for predictability of location and menu, known ease of access for members with mobility concerns, and the restaurant's willingness to accommodate a large, but committed group.

    The Roving Lunch Group is for the more adventuresome culinary tastes. It meets at different locations each week, sometimes announced in advance, sometimes decided by participants after the service. This group often tries out new places which have recently opened, places with more vegetarian choices, ethnic cuisines, and tries to frequently patonize non-chain restaurants. While the average age of this group is considerably lower than that of the Original Lunch Group, all are welcome and we often get people of any age who "defect" from one group to the other and have a great experience with either group.

Childcare is always available during the Sunday Services and by request at any other UUCG event or meeting. If you need childcare in order to participate call the organizer of the event to make sure childcare is provided.

Youth Religious Education starts after the “story time” which occurs early in the Sunday Service. Children are “sung out” of the service and into our Youth Religious Education program that takes place in the back of the building. Volunteer teachers use age appropriate lessons and activities that reflect our UU principles. Past subjects have included studying the various faiths and learning about important Unitarian Universalists. Yoga sessions are offered periodically. Teens usually stay in the Sunday service and then meet together after the service. Check out our Religious Education Page for more information, including current curricula.

The Tuesday Morning Breakfast Group meets every Tuesday morning at 8:00, at the Cracker Barrel (unless otherwise announced in the calendar). This is another opportunity to socialize around food!

Team Trivia some of our members meet weekly on Wednesday nights at 7pm at the Coffee Shack on Beacon Drive in Winterville to compete in Team Trivia. Over the past couple of years, we have gone to different locations, but the Coffee Shack has been our favorite. Any changes to the schedule or venue are announced in the weekly NUUS email and Sunday Order of Service.

Chalice Circles are an intentional small-group ministry of the Congregation. Groups are organized a couple of times each year and meet monthly. Groups are organized to accommodate differing needs and schedules. Recently, two of the groups met at the same time at the church with childcare provided during that time. Other groups sometimes meet at private homes, and one group met in Chocowinity to facilitate participation by our numerous members and friends who live in Beaufort County, saving them a drive to Greenville. See The Beacon (newsletter) or our weekly e-mail announcements for upcoming opportunities.

Choir Practice also takes place on Weds evenings at 7pm. Anyone and everyone is invited. Contact our Music Director, for details.

Movie Nights the Social Action Committee currently organizes two different movie nights monthly. Both are held in our sanctuary, which has a built-in projection and sound system. All are free and open to the public, and refreshments are served.

    Moral Movies is held monthly and features thought-provoking documentaries and dramas relating to social justice issues of our time. We often partner with other non-partisan social justice community organizations for films relating to their areas of emphasis. After the film, there is a discussion period facilitated by a member of the Social Action Committee or our partnering co-host organization.
    This event started in 2014 as a part of a statewide series of films in 9 cities across the state for which UUCG was the venue for two of the four films. The effort was inspired by the Moral Monday movement, which is why the name Moral Movies was chosen. In 2015, we resurrected the series on a local basis and kept the name.

    Classic GLBT Movie Night is held on the second Saturday of each month at 7pm and features LGBTQ-interest films from many genres: comedy, drama, documentary, and romance, making conscious effort to be inclusive of its representation of all facets of the LGBTQ community, including representation of transgender characters and People of Color. This series was started in October 2011 and is both an outreach to the local LGBTQ community as well as anyone who is interested in Queer Cinema or broadening their perspectives.