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Beyond UUCG

Links to various levels of cooperation among UUs, from the region to the national level.

Beyond UUCG

    UUA National
      The Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA) is the coordinating organization of UUs at the national level. Their website is loaded with resources for congregations and individual UUs.

    Southern Region

      The Southern Region of the UUA provides many direct services to congregations. The region is composed of what were previously 4 smaller districts, Southeast, Mid-South, Southwest and Florida. The districts of the Southern Region were the first to vote to dissolve in favor of the regional model of governance, which provides the advantage of having more specialized staff catering to the needs of our Congregations. The region stretches from Virginia to Texas. More localized collaborative efforts between Congregations are now done at the Cluster Level, and some events are still organized at the District level, but there are no longer District Boards or staff.


      The Universalist Convention of North Carolina Inc. (UCONCI) is composed of UU Congregations in NC, whether Unitarian, Universalist, or both in name, and maintains Shelter Neck UU Camp, near Burgaw, the site of a Unitarian school founded in 1902. After growth in public schools caused the end to the need for the school, it was transfered to UCONCI (before the Unitarians and Universalists merged, but the group continues to maintain the camp for UUs today.

    EC Cluster

      The Eastern Carolina Cluster is an informal subgroup within the Southern Region, composed of congregations located in NC on or east of I-95. The cluster meets annually for workshops and collaborative efforts.