Mission statement: United in our diversity, we covenant with one another to search, to serve, to grow and to love. We seek out those who have been turned away, we embrace those whose spiritual path has been isolated, we strengthen ourselves to comfort the suffering, we share with our children our commitment to a more just and compassionate society.

Covenant of Right Relations: In seeking to build and maintain a strong and vibrant community, we as members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greenville will affirm and uphold the following commitments:


  • To warmly welcome and respect each other at all times.
  • To speak with each other directly, utilizing sensitivity, honesty, and an assumption of good intentions.
  • To strive to better the congregation by upholding responsibilities of membership and remaining engaged especially through times of conflict.
  • To respect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information
  • To listen with an open mind and respond in a compassionate and caring way.


Thus do we covenant these building blocks as we unite together in community. (adopted April 4, 2013)