Music is an important part of the worship experience. Music can evoke feelings and touch us in a way words cannot. Most songs are sung by the entire Congregation, but usually the choir will provide a special offertory. Most congregational songs are from the hymnals

    Singing The Living Tradition


    Singing The Journey

Choir offertories are often chosen from other sources. Music is selected by the presenter or music director to complement the theme of the service. Piano accompaniment is provided by the very talented Mort Stine. Occasionally, other musicians will provide their talents to enrich the program.

The choir is directed by Stephen Brand. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00. Membership in the choir is open to everyone, and there is always room for more members. We have a lot of fun and learn about music and singing as we practice. We especially like trying out different rhythms and harmonies to challenge ourselves and enrich the experience.

Note: Due to the COVID virus, we are currently using music streamed from the internet or performed by individuals.